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Hurricanes and Deductibles

Courtesy of This should NOT be a surprise: Your home insurance policy has a separate deductible for hurricane damage. It should be common knowledge because it’s been in Florida statutes on insurance contracts at least since 1997. Yet, when the next hurricane hits, there will be some people shocked to find this out when more »

Saving Money on Auto Insurance

Courtesy of Before You Buy a Car, Compare Insurance Costs Higher Deductibles Could Mean Lower Premiums Reduce Coverage on Older Cars Buy Your Homeowners and Auto Insurance from the Same Company Maintain a Good Credit History Take Advantage of Low Mileage Discounts Ask About Group Insurance Seek Out Other Discounts

Do You Need Boating Insurance?

Insurance can provide limited coverage for property damage for small boats such as canoes and small sail boats or small power boats with less than 25 mile per hour horse power under a homeowners or renters insurance policy. Coverage is usually about $1,000 or 10 percent of the home’s insured value and generally includes the more »

Help on Protecting Your Business From Bad Weather Effects

Courtesy of With predictions of an above-average hurricane season issued by Colorado State University this week, businesses need to take measures to prepare and increase their chance of surviving, according to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.). Forty percent of businesses do not reopen after a disaster and another 25 percent fail within one year, more »

It’s Lightning Season

Courtesy of Greased lightning, fast as lightning, lightning in a bottle, lightning-bolt ideas. So many positive images of lightning exist that we may forget that lightning is deadly. Especially in Florida. This time of year, almost every locale is subject to a summer thunderstorm. And, we may get so used to them that we more »

Grill Safety Tips

Courtesy of Every year, millions of Americans safely enjoy outdoor barbecues, but accidents do happen. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, about 5,700 grill fires take place on residential property every year, causing an annual average of $37 million in damage, 100 injuries and 10 deaths. The majority of grill fires are caused by more »

Lightning True or False

Courtesy of With 1,800 thunderstorms in progress at any given time on Earth, it’s important to be able to sort out the myths from the facts when it comes to lightning safety. And keep in mind that the best lightning safety plan of all is to take shelter in a house or other structure, more »

Storms Are Coming, How Will You React?

Courtesy of The biggest threat to recovery after a natural disaster is the mass of people who are unprepared for it. After every single tornado, hurricane or flood, the media easily find people who have been impacted by the event, and they invariable say nearly the same thing: “I never saw it get this more »

Insurance and Older Americans

Courtesy of Insuring Florida According to the U.S. Census data, in 2010 there were 22 people over the age of 65 for every 100 people. By 2030, that number will rise steeply – with 35 of every 100 Americans being over 65 years old. That’s 19 percent of the population. No surprise that Florida ranks more »

Hurricane Prep Tips 2017

Courtesy of It’s 2017 – and another hurricane season is about to be breathing down our necks. Maybe you’ve grown immune or indifferent after seasons of weather threats proved wrong. A word of advice: Never let your guard down. Did recent reminders of the need for storm vigilance get your attention in 2016? Hurricane more »

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